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Documentary Series: ’Generation Ocean’ follows award-winning filmmakers as they sail to the four corners of the earth to uncover the power, fragility and importance of our oceans. In conjunction with UNESCO’s ‘Ocean Decade,’ this series will highlight the 10 challenges outlined within the initiative and pair them with profiles of extraordinary individuals who may hold the keys to the future. 


The United Nations/UNESCO have recently launched an initiative called the 'Ocean Decade' (2021-2030). This creates a framework for nations to come together to solve ten global challenges as they pertain to our shared oceans. ‘Generation Ocean' series will work in conjunction with this initiative and put a spotlight on charismatic individuals that are pushing new ideas and solutions, all packaged in a highly-cinematic, inspiring and thought-provoking series. 


The name of our planet is misleading. We call it Earth, yet over 70% of its surface is covered by the ocean. Sometimes we forget how essential the ocean is for the water we drink, the air we breathe, for human activity and for life. Year after year, we have been pushing the boundaries of the ocean’s sustainability, and in so doing, challenging our own. ‘Generation Ocean’ is a long format documentary series that has the potential to be a powerful tool to engage the world at large. 


Each episode, we will identify a problem that jeopardises the health of our oceans and how it relates to people’s everyday lives. As every problem needs a solution, each episode will take a deep dive into an extraordinary character who has a unique connection to the water and is taking it upon themselves to find solutions, allowing the viewer see light at the end of the tunnel. 


By delivering diverse stories aimed at multiple demographics, the goal with ‘Generation Ocean’ is to capture the hearts and imaginations of our world at large, spurring change for healthier oceans tomorrow.

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Understand and beat marine pollution. 

Decade Challenges are the most immediate and pressing needs of the decade. Each of the ten challenges contributes to one or more decade outcomes and may evolve with new challenges added over the next ten years.




The ‘Ocean Decade’, is a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity for ocean actors across the world to come together to generate knowledge and foster the partnerships needed to support a well-functioning, productive, resilient, sustainable and inspiring ocean.


‘Generation Ocean’ gives a voice to this initiative and opens the door to a much bigger audience through powerful, inspirational storytelling.

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Almost by default, this series will be shot in some of the most awe-inspiring locations on the planet, both above and below the surface. ‘Generation Ocean’ will be produced across all seven continents, capturing unique landscapes, cultures, wildlife and activities that will spark wonder and imagination. 


The goal is to give the viewer a chance to get lost in another world… to put them in the location and make them take part in the journey. This will be done through highly-cinematic imagery, paired with powerful sound design, taking the viewer by the hand as we take a deep dive into what makes the hero tick. This is a journey into the mind of special people who are changing the world.



The ‘Ocean Decade’ has already begun. Attention to issues will grow over the next ten years, but it is our intention to expedite the process by creating buzz through this series.


The short format series will begin as soon as possible, beginning on The East Coast of The United States where the sailboat is currently positioned. We plan to work with UNESCO and other organisations to help identify worthy stories that will help raise awareness in the short term.


Simultaneously, we will be spending the next year researching and developing the long format script and stories in order to make the series the powerhouse that we know it can be. The aim will be to begin production by the second half of 2022 and wrap production in early 2025, with a release deadline by the end of 2025, still early within the ‘Ocean Decade.’


This timeline allows the content created to be leveraged early within the initiative period. It will also give us the opportunity to film a second season within the same period, should the first season be as successful as we know it will be. 



The goal is to unilaterally spark a conversation around ocean health and science across the globe. As such, ‘Generation Ocean’ is written uniquely to speak to different demographics by spotlighting various characters from dynamic backgrounds, focus points and professions. At the same time, the series will be shot in some of the most head turning locations on earth, opening the door to cinematic opportunities that speak well to most demographics. 


From professional surfers to Antarctic researchers, free diving with sharks to planting coral in the south pacific, ‘Generation Ocean’ will have something for everyone.



The long format series of ‘Ocean Generation’ will consist of 10x 40min episodes, covering the topics outlined in the UNESCO initiative. This series will be shot on location across all seven continents and will eventually be packaged for network and OTT programming. We have begun conversations with multiple distribution outlets to ensure the series get maximum traction in various markets. 


At the same time, a short format series will be produced for YouTube and other social platforms that give light to interesting stories that speak to the Ocean Decade, but don’t quite fit the long format model. Regular uploads will include behind the scenes looks at ‘Generation Ocean’ production, as well as stories from the communities and people who are making a difference across the globe. 


Both of these formats will benefit from UNESCO’s extensive reach across the globe. 



A global project like 'Generation Ocean' requires a vessel built to withstand the elements, from the shallow waters of The Bahamas, to the temultuous weather and sea states of high-latitudes and circumnavigation.

We are currently designing a sailing vessel suited for the challenges, whilst incorporating the latest in green technology that will allow for sustainable, off-grid production. 

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As ‘Generation Ocean’ circumnavigates the globe, so too will your branding. Think of the sails as giant billboards, putting your logo in dynamic places year-round. 

To fund the series, we are working with the private sector across three tiers of sponsorship. Each month, our team will deliver a package of highly dynamic photography taken throughout our travels that leverages our stories and locations for your brand. These photographs are yours to use across your own marketing channels as you see fit, no strings attached. In addition, we will integrate your product and branding authentically into the stories and content we are producing.

From high-latitudes to the Caribbean, the Mediterranean to Asia, the award-winning crew will be capturing engaging content for your brand every step of the way.


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